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Hot Water Burns Like Fire

A campaign to teach the dangers of hot water

hot water burns

Did you know?

Almost 300 people a year are admitted to an NHS specialist burns service with severe scalds from the tap water in their bath, sink or shower. 

Almost a two thirds of these are children

It is estimated a further 1,600 people are seen by UK Emergency Departments

HOT WATER BURNS LIKE FIRE is a campaign to stop scalding by hot water from your taps and showers 

by promoting the use of thermostatic mixing valves, taps and showers.


At Grant & Stone we recommend that you always install a thermostatic mixing valve (TMV). TMV's take a supply of hot and cold water and blend them to a 'safe' controlled outlet temperature, usually determined by the installer who will commission the valve to the desired temperature. 

Most TMV's have a failsafe mechanism built in to close off the valve in the event of a failure to all virtually no water to pass through protecting the user and also highlighting a problem

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