Form Follows Perfection.

Axor Bathrooms

AXOR takes pride in creating items of perfection in all dimensions. In the design, in the technology, in every innovation and every little detail.
‘Form Follows Perfection’ is a sentence that represents AXOR, and it is rooted in strong principle. Form Follows Function. No form or function can be considered in isolation.

Form Follows Function is not enough. AXOR’s goal is to finish products off to perfection. The development process continues until there’s nothing left to be added or removed. AXOR mixers, showers and accessories are developed, designed and produced in line with this aspiration.

Axor represents the diversity and fascination of individual lifestyles in the bathroom. Comprehensive bathroom collections are created in collaboration with some of the world’s most successful designers. These collections are as individual and as diverse as people themselves, and offer a multitude of different styles: from lively, charming bathrooms/living spaces to nature-inspired havens of tranquillity.

Axor Bathrooms consist of:

Bathroom Mixers



Bathroom Acessories 


Bathroom Furniture

Symbiosis of Design and Function.

For AXOR, luxury means creating an experience out of form and function. Which appeals to the senses and touches people. Which conveys the aspiration for perfection. In the design. In the manufacturing. In the individuality. So that every AXOR mixer, shower and accessory has something unique about it.

Pioneering Ideas. Perfectly Accomplished.

Since 1993, AXOR has been challenging convention. Each mixer and every shower starts off with a great idea with the goal of creating innovative and ground breaking developments and developing them.

No Compromise.

Uncompromising and consistent. This is how AXOR develops innovative mixers, showers and accessories. Using unique designs, superior quality with perfect precision to create items that are popular all over the world.

Setting Trends.

Forging ahead rather than following. The long list of internationally renowned design awards tells the story. About the multitude of successful AXOR classic bathroom products. The next big innovations are on their way too.

World-Famous Designers.

Every mixer and shower features its own unique design. AXOR works closely with internationally renowned designers to break new ground. In terms of form. In terms of functionality. In dealing with water, the elixir of life.

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