D-Code Basins

Duravit's D-Code Series Basins Designed by Sieger Design

Duravit D-code Basins

The D-Code series from Duravit is timelessly modern, it doesn't impose itself but rather blends with its surroundings. 

The D-Code toilet range consists of:

Vanity Vasin - 495x290mm, 545x435mm and 560x400mm

Semi-recessed Basin - 550x440mm

Furniture Washbasin - 650x480mm, 850x480mm and 1050x480mm

Double Furniture Basin - 1200x490mm

Handrinse Basin - 450x340mm, 450x340mm and 500x220mm

Washbasin - 550x430mm, 600x460mm and 650x500mm


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