Vero Basins

Duravit's Vero Series, Basins Designed by Kurt Merki Jr.

Duravit Vero Basins

'Consistently rectangular, consistently successful' the Vero series is one of the most versatile ranges of all time. Its minimalist design is one of the many reasons why so many people are drawn to this range.

The Vero basin range consists of:

Semi-recessed Washbasin - 550x470mm

Vanity Basin (various designs) - 430x315mm, 485x315mm amd 500x465mm

Furniture Washbasin - 850x490mm, 1050x490 and 1250x490mm

Above Counter Basin Grinded - 500x470mm, 595x465mm

Washbasin - 500x470mm, 600x470mm, 700x470mm, 800x470mm, 1000x470mm and 1200x470mm

Washbowl Grinded - 500x380mm

Handrinse Basin - 250x450mm, 450x350mm and 500x250mm

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