AGA Rangemaster

With an AGA cooker flexibility and performance come as standard.


AGA is one of the UK’s most renowned brands. Their story is one of award winning innovation that stretches back to 1922, and their name is synonymous with cooking appliances. AGA cookers are part of the AGA Rangemaster group.

Why choose AGA

AGA cookers are available in a variety of sizes, colours and fuel types, ensuring that there is a range cooker to suit any kitchen environment.

To this day AGA products are made in with the same skill and craftsmanship as the day they first started. The process of pouring molten iron into moulds gives AGA cookers their characteristic surface to the castings, each one is unique and sets AGA apart from the ubiquitous mass-produced uniformity.

While most cookers are spray painted in minutes, AGA apply multiple protective coats of vitreous enamel that is applied to the cookers over a period of three days. It is the enamel coating that helps to ensure the working life of an AGA cooker for decades rather than years.

The modern AGA uses state-of-the-art technology and is subject to rigorous quality controls. Each part of an AGA cooker is meticulously checked and inspected before leaving their factory in Shropshire.

Our Kitchen and Bathroom Showroom is an AGA authorised space, displaying prestigious AGA products for you to see the quality of an AGA cooker first hand.

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