Falmec Extraction Systems

Extraction Systems by Falmec, designed to satisfy all tastes and needs.

Falmec Island Cooker Hood

The Falmec story began in 1981 in a city just outside Venice, Vittorio Veneto, and has since evolved from a small manufacturing company to a leading force both in the national and international market.

The brand prides itself on the extensive experience it has gained in the design and production of extraction systems, cutting-edge research, flexibility in production, development of new technologies and original creativity endowing the Falmec collections with a strong benefit in terms of innovation, reaching the highest levels of Italian excellence in the world. The brand now exceeds 160 employees with 70 international importers.

Installed in some of the best kitchens in the world, Falmec hoods are designed to satisfy all tastes and needs. Providing solutions that fit all kinds of kitchens through a wide range of materials and finishes, and technologies for everybody’s demands.

Falmec Life Inspired

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